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What If I want to ride my Dirtbike or Motorcross?

RCATV is a part of the Ontario Federation of ATV (OFATV) Clubs.  Our vision, however is to provide trails which are multi-use, therefore, dirt bikes are permitted on our trails.  RCATV is trying to work with dirt bike riders and members to consider a Renfrew County Trail Riders satellite of RCATV in partnership with OFTR to support 2-wheel ORV’s. Please contact to find out how you can support the trails and get a trail pass for 2-wheel ORV’s. According to the Ontario Federation of Trail Riders (OFTR) you must have liability insurance to ride on public land including but not limited to roads, road allowances, fire roads and trails. This includes municipal forests, conservation areas and crown lands. Bikes must also have a “green license plate” which is white with green lettering and designates the bike as an off road only machine bearing the body type MF or a “blue license plate” which allows the operator to travel on road or on permitted off road areas providing the rider has a valid “M” class motorcycle license.  The green plate and proper insurance allow the operator drive off road and to ride directly cross a highway as long as the operator has a valid Ontario drivers License.

Source: .  Note at the time of print, the County of Renfrew Algonquin Trail by-law does not permit dirt bike or motor cross as authorized users.

Where does my Trail pass money go?

  • The cost for an annual trail pass is $150, a 3-day pass is $50 and daily pass is $20.  All trail passes fees are established by the Ontario Federation ATV Clubs. Of the $150 annual trail pass membership, Renfrew County ATV Club receives $65 of the direct funding and $22.56 is invested into a trail leveling fund which contributes towards RCATV trail maintenance and development or priorities.
  • As of the spring of 2018, RCATV is maintaining 750km of trails (not including signing roadways).  This includes signs, culverts, brushing, bridging and grading.  If you have questions about the accounting or finances of the Club, please email

When are the trails open and closed?

  • Members will show respect for and agree not to trespass on private property.  
  • Private property trails are closed for the spring dry-out period of April/May. Some may be closed during hunting season in November Nov 1-15.
  • Where trails are shared with the snowmobile club, they are available for ATV from May 1st to December 1st .  
  • The By-law with the Algonquin Trail is open to ATV from 1 May – 30 Nov.
  • The sub-lease on the CN B-Trail takes effect May 1 and therefore you are trespassing on private property prior to May 1 or after Dec 1.
  • At the request of MNRF, members are asked to stay off crown land trails in the spring, with the exception of organized volunteer trail maintenance, until May 1.
  • ATV/ORV’s can travel on roads in authorized towns/townships year round in accordance with municipal by-laws and MTO highway traffic act. 
  • For safety reasons in the fall, and weather impacts, please visit our Trail Hazards page and Weekend Trail Report.
  • Be sure to check QuadON or download the QuadON mobile app for the latest in trail closures, redirects and status. 


Where can I find out what local roads I can ride on with regards to municipal by-laws?

A majority of our municipalities and towns have now passed by-laws that allow ATVs and ORVs on their roads provided they meet MTO regulations.  Over the winter of 2021/2022 we will be working to provide a great resource specific to the municipal and city by-laws.  As a quick note, the following should be considered when heading out on the roads in our area: 

  • City of Pembroke – select roads have access and are marked on our web based map, or QuadOn
  • Town of Petawawa and Deep River – no ATV Access within town limits
  • Town of Arnprior and Renfrew – some restrictions, please visit their websites for a copy of the by-laws
  • All other municipal roads within the RCATV district are full ATV access 

Permitted ATVs/ORVs can travel on Highways 500 to 899, many 7000-series highways, highways with low traffic volumes.  ATVs/ORVs cannot travel on 400-series highways, the Queen Elizabeth Way, sections of the Trans-Canada Highway

Stay Safe and Happy Riding!

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