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Trail Warden Information Session 

The Objective and Responsibility:

The objective and responsibility of the RCATV Trail Warden Program is to train and support a team of volunteer Wardens who can act in the interest of follow riders, the RCATV, OFATV and the landowner. It is our goal to achieve a safe and effective means to warden our trails, consistently and respectfully. This program has been put in place to address trail and rider safety; to provide a positive presence on the trail; and that we are meeting the requirements of our landowners which may include educating riders using designated RCATV or OFATV trails where a valid Trail Permit is required.

Role of the Trail Warden?

The Trail Warden team comprises of volunteer trail warden’s from amongst RCATV members. Warden candidates go through a formal selection process, abide by a Code of Conduct and Confidentiality Agreement, are trained in partnership with law enforcement. The role of the trail wardens includes:

  • provide positive presence on the trails
  • welcome and engage with riders and non-motorized trail users
  • educated riders about trail pass requirements on the trails
  • enforce the Trespass to Property Act where required
  • act as public relations officers and ambassadors
  • Wardens are NOT police officers on the trail
Safety Stop

                  Why do we do SAFETY stops?

  • Keep our riders safe
  • Welcome, engage and educate riders
  • Reduced risk of rider safety infractions with OPP
  • Increases permit sales by creating relationships with riders
  • Compliance with our landowners
  • Reduces the risk of trail closures
  • Addresses issues in high-visibility or problematic areas

                     Why do we do PERMIT stops?

  • Is run in conjunction with SAFETY stops where trail permits are part of the landowner Land Use Agreement or by-law
  • Educate riders about permits and safety
  • Enforces the permit requirement of the landowner
  • Reduces the risk of trail closures due to trespassing
  • Addresses issues in high-visibility or problematic areas

RCATV Wardens are a team within RCATV’s greater riding and volunteer community. Here are a few of the benefits to becoming a Warden:

  • Free CASI / ROHVA Training
  • Access to club-financed First Aid training
  • Warden equipment kit
  • Incentive / appreciation program for Wardens
  • Become more knowledgeable about the legislation and safe rider requirements
  • Meeting other riders from all over Ontario (this is often the number one benefit when we ask our Wardens, why they volunteer)
  • Become much more familiar with the trail systems
  • Contribute to the community


For information on the RCATV Warden Program, becoming a Warden, or the role of the Wardens on the trails, please contact the Chief Trail Warden at

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