Settler's Route Trail System

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Located in: Pikawkanagan ~ Killaloe~ Wilno ~ Foymount

Champlain's Route

The Settler’s Route Trail System is a route of abandoned railbeds, gravel roads and small trails through the countryside of some of the most historic parts of Renfrew County. 

The best thing about this trail:

Although it doesn’t have a lot to offer in views, Settler’s Route is the perfect route for functionality. It connects two very popular trail systems, the Pakkotinna and the Opeongo. It gets you to the B trail from Golden Lake to Wilno, It provides an ease of travel, lots of history and that’s why we love Settler’s!

What is this trail like?

Trail Facts:

Trail Length: 106km loop
Trailhead: Madawaska Complex

Trail Conditions:

Technicality: Green and blue. (Click Here to View the Technicality Rating Chart)

Trail Conditions:
• Abandoned rail
• Some dirt and minor roads
• Forest trails
• River-side views
• Climbs and lookouts
• Limited water/mudSXS friendly
• Full road access
• ATV: May 1 – December. 



• Madawaska Complex, 26A Major Lake Road, Madawaska

• Madawaska Country Store, Madawaska
• MacEwen, 29553 Highway 60, Whitney


• Algonquin Four Seasons Cabins
• All Star Resort
• Spectacle Lake Lodge

• Mad Musher, 29588 Highway 60, Whitney
• Porterville Diner: 2367 Highway 127, Lake Saint Peter

Videos from the Settler's Route