Individual Membership

RCATV Individual Membership is automatic with a purchase of an annual RCATV Trail Permit and allows you to be a part of the trails and growth of ATVing in Renfrew County!  With an RCATV Trail Permit, you can ride 20 clubs and growing within the Ontario Federation of ATV Clubs representing a significant number of Ontario’s organized ATV trails.  It is your best choice to ride the trails!

If you don’t ride ATV’s, and would like to join in the sport as a passenger, a family or community member we certainly appreciate your support.  Individual membership is currently $40/year.  All individual members in good standing have a voice at our general meetings, and are welcome on our board of directors.

Join us today and get involved where you ride? Members meet throughout the year to help with brushing and clearing trails, group rides, a number of organized events.  Have a voice and help direct the future of our volunteer-run, not-for profit organization at our Annual General Meeting every spring.

Wish to purchase online? A smart choice. By purchasing online, you can qualify for the Loyalty Program of $25 savings when you renew online before your current pass expires. You can purchase your trail pass online by going to OFATV.  PLEASE ensure you choose Renfrew County ATV Club to ensure your membership trail dollars come back to this club and help maintain the trails in your backyard, and favourite ATV destination. 

Purchase Your Pass Local? We are proudly supported by a number of corporate partners and pass vendors. Note that the loyalty discount and family passes are not available through vendors. Daily passes are only at select vendors. Visit our Trail Pass Vendors page to find trail passes and maps nearest you.

Non-Riding Membership

General Non-Rider Membership encourages spouses, family and friends of general riding members and the ATV supporting community to become involved with and support the trails.  A non-riding membership does not include a trail pass or access to trails. However, Non-Riding Members are voting members of the club and can hold a position on the Board of Directors.  Membership is $40 annually and must approved by the Board. Contact RCATV Club Membership to become an Individual Member.