As trail users, ATV/ORV Riders have a responsibility, and opportunity, to be stewards of our forests and fields. One way to do this is supporting the reporting and stopping the spreading of invasive and alien species. Below are some ways that RCATV is helping educate and build awareness.

Invasive Species Week (Feb 29 – March 4) is timely with trail season opening May 1. As trail riders, we may unintentionally introduce an invasive species to new locations, transported on ORVs, equipment and pets that travel through contaminated mud, gravel, water, soil, and plant material on the trails. Check out our RCATV Clean Equipment Protocol for the ways in which we can all do our part. #PlayCleanGo

Other Resources to check out:

Community Involvement. With the quick uprising of invasive alien species it is difficult to keep non-native plants contained. With the help of the community we can cover a vast amount of land to help with to control and hopefully eradicate non-native species such as Garlic Mustard. #InvSpWk
Learn more about Garlic Mustard;
You can sign up to volunteer here!

Prevention and Reporting. Inspecting and cleaning all equipment and clothing before, during and after use will help prevent new alien species as well as slow the spread of these pesky species. Check out the RCATV Clean Bike Protocol. If you spot invasive/alien species on the trail, report it in. The MNRF TIPS line at 1-877-847-7667 Report species at

#InvSpWk #PlayCleanGo