Pre-Ride Safety Brief

Before each event, RCATV conducts a pre-ride safety brief.  We recommend you do the same to remind riders of some group riding basics, especially with riders new to group riding. Download a copy. 

  1. Always drive with headlights on for increased visibility;
  2. RCATV is a dry club and all of our events are drug and alcohol free;
  3. In groups, each rider is responsible for the rider behind them

o   See & Acknowledge: When making a turn or trail is unclear, wait, ensure they see and acknowledge you

o   Check: Periodically check behind you to ensure they are still there

o   Pause: If they are not there, pause on the side of the trail to see if they catch up.

o   Turn Around: If they don’t catch up in a reasonable time, turn around and find them. Successive riders will notice they are no longer being followed, and do the same

o   Don’t Chase: Do not chase the person in front to try to reach them.

  1. Don’t drive beyond your skills, if unsure ask more experienced riders for assistance
  2. Speeds on roadways are 20km (posted 50km -), 50km (posted 60km +)
  3. If an accident occurs:

o   Minor Incident: Not requiring emergency services, assist riders to safely return to the closest staging area

o   Major Incident:

       Call 9-1-1, don’t leave the rendez-vous site

       Keep the person still and warm, only provide first aid as trained and able

       Notify incoming riders, make way for EMS, send 2+ escort riders

       Do not Extract – EMS bring the hospital to them

EMS Group/Event Emergency Response Protocols

Our local EMS has provided this critical information about how and when to engage with EMS in the event of an accident on the trail. Download a copy here