RCATV, like many not-for-profit community organizations relies on the passion and commitment of volunteers.  Here are some of the ways you can help put your time and skills back into the trails and trail tourism of Renfrew County.

  • Officer, Director or Alternate Director on the Board of Directors
  • Committee Chairs
  • Member of a committee or team
  • Trail and event volunteers

To express interest in any of the positions below, please email us.  RCATV receives interim-director and alternate director nominations throughout the year.

Elections for Directors will take place at the Annual General Meeting.  Elections for Committee Chairs and Executive will be done at the first Board Meeting following the AGM.

Executive Officers

Executive Officers are spokespersons for RCATV, have financial signing authority, and represent the Board and members in between Board Meetings.  They will deal with the RCATV executive, directors, general members, business and municipal leaders and members of the public. Executives are nominated from the existing Board of Directors at the first Board meeting following the annual general meeting.

Positions up for election:

  • President: Focus on municipal and tourism partnerships and Chairs the Board of Directors.
  • Vice President: Focus on business partnership, overseas safety and board development.
  • Chief Administrator: Provides admin support to the Board and Directors.


This is a Director on the Board who is not representing a specific geographic area. Our Directors-at-Large often express interest in Chair positions for our various committees and support other Directors and portfolios.

Area Directors

Represent their region and are a primary point of contact for riders and visitors, local business and municipal councils for their area.  Area Directors maintain a relationship with local businesses, municipal trails or recreation staff and committees, work with the Trails and Trail Maintenance Coordinators to address trail needs, engage local volunteers and members and review the trail needs of their areas, support and promote RCATV events in their area and are a member of the Trails Committee. An ideal candidate would have a high interest in the trail system in their area, be an ambassador for RCATV in their area, be available 10-12 hours / month, especially during the ATV season.

Positions up for election:

North Algona Wilberforce, Madawaska Valley, Killaloe Hagarty Richards, South Algonquin

Committee Chairs

The Committee work is the muscle of the club and helps ensure the Board is effective at getting the work done to sustain trails, have successful events, ensure riders get their permits and are well informed. Riders can participate as a Committee Chair (often filled by a Director/Executive but not necessary) or on a committee as a contributing member. They are elected into the position following the AGM and throughout the year.

  • Events Planning Coordinator: Chairs a committee for the planning of our annual events.
  • Trails Management Coordinator: Co-Chairs the trails team and works with Area Directors to maintain the trail inventory, mapping services and new trail development.
  • Trails Maintenance Coordinator: Co-Chairs the trails team and works with Area Directors to support trail maintenance and advise the board for trail hazards.
  • Chief Trail Warden: Develops and maintains the trail patrol and safety programs.
  • Communications Coordinator: Chairs a committee to look for opportunities to bring a positive message about the trails and mandate of RCATV including social media, tradeshows, blogging, website.
  • Membership Coordinator: Coordinates a team of permit volunteers to ensure our members get their permits efficiently, completes OFATV reports and vendors are supported.

Chair positions open for election:

  • Events Planning Coordinator
  • Trails Maintenance Coordinator
  • Trails Development Coordinator
  • Membership Coordinator
  • Volunteer Coordinator