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Fines in place on Algonquin Trail

Fines for By-Law infractions on the Algonquin Trail have been approved and are now in place effective July 2022. The local enforcement agencies, as well as the OPP SAVE (Snowmobile ATV Vessel Enforcement) Team are aware of the updated fines and will be enforcing when and where needed. These fines apply only to the Algonquin Trail portion of the Ottawa Valley Recreational Trail within the County of Renfrew (from south of Arnprior and north), as Lanark County have had their own set fines in place for years.

As of July 2022, trail permits are not yet required for ORV access on the County of Renfrew section of the Ottawa Valley Recreation Trail (known as the Algonquin Trail), however please be mindful that this is being discussed.  RCATV will advise riders when this decision is finalized either way.

OFATV Trail Permits are required on the Lanark County lower section of the Ottawa Valley Recreation Trail.

It is the riders responsibility to know where and when they can ride, and if a permit is required.  Be sure to check the By-Laws below for other important differences:

  • Open and closed dates and times
  • Trail Permit requirements
  • Set fines and infractions