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Sale of CN Rail Moves Users Off Sections of the B Trail

On March 30, 2022, Renfrew County ATV Club (RCATV) was officially notified that the CN Rail trail and spurs in Pembroke and Laurentian Valley have been sold to a private company/companies. It will remain closed permanently to all access effective immediately and signs and club assets will need to be removed by the volunteer ATV and Snowmobile clubs by April 30.

The trail that is now closed permanently extends through Laurentian Valley and City of Pembroke from the CN spur from the Algonquin Trail, across Jean Avenue to Bruham Avenue; the CN trail from Bruham Avenue to Boundary Road bridge; the CN trail from Boundary Road bridge to Hawthorn Lane bridge; including the CN spur from the CN trail to Bennett Street.

Read our Frequently Asked Questions about the B Trail sale added April 20, 2022.

Please refrain from trespassing on the now sold CN “B Trail” sections in Laurentian Valley and City of Pembroke, and from riding on roads unless permitted by a Municipal or City By-Law.

The closure of the trail will have a challenging impact on local and visiting riders, businesses, the club efforts and on non-riding residents. The full Press Release was sent to local government and media and is available at this link.

The Renfrew County ATV Club will work with Municipal officials to try to address the loss of access for urban riders trying to access trails.  To reconnect the remaining leased CN “B Trail” in Laurentian Valley to the County of Renfrew Algonquin Trail in the City of Pembroke, riders should use TV Tower Road.

For up to date trail status for Renfrew County ATV trails and across Ontario, visit the Ontario Federation of ATV trail site or riders can download the QuadOn mobile application before planning summer riding trips.