CN Rail Sale “B Trail” – Closure Date

The CN Trail “B Trail” , has been sold to private property developers. While the firm date has not been made available to RCATV as lease-holders, we anticipate closure for Thursday, September 30, 2021. Unfortunately, there is no workaround or detour in place, due to the Muskrat River.  This closure will impact riders in all directions from and to Whitewater, Cobden, Petawawa, and Pembroke.

Figure: Section of CN railbed sold between A and B (approximate)

RCATV does not know yet how the closure will be marked, once its closed physically we ask that riders respect the change in ownership. Please be advised that after September 30th, Bennett St/Paul Martin Drive/Hawthorne Lane (the bridge) could be closed and you can’t drive on the streets in Pembroke as a bypass.

The closure of the B Trail breaks access to the Algonquin Trail and the remaining leased CN “B Trail”.  We continue to work with the County of Renfrew, City of Pembroke and Laurentian Valley for a permanent solution to open the Algonquin Trail to ATV/ORV use in support of rider recreation, businesses and tourism throughout the Valley for the 2022 riding season.

We will continue to inform you on decisions that impact trail tourism, outdoor recreation, and rider and trail safety by proceeding with efforts to have the Algonquin Trail made available to all trail users. 

Riders should access, or download the QuadON app for most recent trail closures and impacts.

The Board of Directors and the volunteers of the Renfrew County ATV Club continue to prioritize their efforts and resources to bring value to its members, volunteers, business partners, and community.  We have invested significantly in promoting the trails throughout the Ottawa Valley as a premier destination and have increased trail offerings to support diversity in trail tourism.