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What 3 Words

Sheltered. Zoning. Jaundice.

You may be thinking, what do these three words have to do with each other? They’re kind of an off pairing. Those 3 words mentioned above are actually the location of the Pembroke Hospital, or at least a 3 meter square portion of it. 

You may be asking, how? It is through the application called What3words.

What3words is an application that allows you to pinpoint anywhere (almost worldwide) by 3 meter by 3 meter squares. You receive the 3 words for your location (wherever you happen to be) and can take a picture through their app or using the location feature on the map. It is very handy for locations that don’t use addresses or maybe on a hike, remembering where you parked, calling a tow truck when stuck on a road or… our trails!

For example, our new trails in the Opeongo Trail System, along Old Barry’s Bay Road to Combermere, will feature some great spots to stop and take in some scenery, history and cool down, like the Crooked Slide Park on Old Barry’s Bay Rd.

RCATV is a big fan of what3words because it allows us to easily find locations throughout our trails. Say you need to meet up with a group member at a certain location, you need to report a hazard that you found or you need emergency help (yes first responders are aware of what3words and are using it) send them the what3words for that 3m x 3m square and now they know your exact location. 

As mentioned before, one of the ways RCATV is using what3words is with hazards you find on the trail! (click here to be taken to our “Report a Hazard” form). You can take a picture of the hazard and send us the 3 words given on the photo and then we know the exact location you’re talking about when we go to fix the problem.

We are also looking to incorporate What3words as points of interest on our map – places for camping, lookouts, interesting historical markers, parking and trailheads.

If you’d like to know more about what3words check out their website here and download their mobile app. 

Make sure to take a what3words photo while out on the trail and tag the RCATV to be featured in this or another what3words blog post.

Look forward to seeing you and your what3words on the trail! 

Have fun and ride safely.