Trail Systems

Are you a challenge seeker or more of a scenery chaser? Would you prefer the toughest terrain or a leisure ride along the water? Renfrew County ATV Club has numerous trails that offer these aspects and more, we pride ourselves on our variety of trails that our members and volunteers alike can travel and discover. 

Let’s start in the North, 

This is The Barron Canyon and the Champlain Trail system located near Petawawa and Deep River. More specifically the Barron Canyon is located in Petawawa, Laurentian Valley and the Barron Canyon area. It’s technicality is Green, blue and red. Although it offers a variety of technicality, the Barron Canyon is known for the views and scenery it has to offer.  While the Champlain system is more near Petawawa and Deep River, it is our least travelled trail system and has so much to explore.

In the West,

Is Logger’s Loop, Opeongo and Combermere Trail Systems in Madawaska Valley and South Algonquin. Logger’s Loop would be considered a blue and green trail. This trail is throughout Madawaska, Whitney and Lake St.Peter. The Logger’s Loop is known for its lookouts and amazing opportunities along the trail to swim in the Madawaska River. We recommend bringing a bathing suit to cool off in the Madawaska River.

Opeongo located in Barry’s Bay area would be classified as green, blue and red. Green would be the railbeds and logging roads, blue would be the forested trails, with some red areas. It is argued that Opeongo is one of our most popular trails, some believe it is because “it has the greatest lookouts in the valley”, others think it’s due to the range of terrain and technicality or maybe it’s because it’s easy to get to other trails through the Opeongo. 

The Combermere Trail System is the latest addition, with more great lookouts and some history to enjoy along the Old Barry’s Bay Road.

Moving to the Central Area,

There is The Pakkotinna and Settler’s Route this leads from the Opeongo Trail System to Golden Lake and includes a route to Foymount.  If you like challenges Pakkotinna is the place for you it would be considered one if not our most difficult trail. It can be found in Deacon, Golden Valley and Round Lake. It’s technicality would be considered green, blue, red and black. It is one of our most dynamic trails in regards to technicality.  The Settlers Route combines a series of old rail beds and back roads to meander through this central part of the County.

Finally in the South,

The Griffith trail system located in Griffith and Greater Madawaska, is the perfect trail for the scenic searchers, who are looking for an easier trail because the Griffith technicality would be rated green. It is considered a good trail for families as it is easily navigable and offers prefect swimming spots and picnic spots along the Madawaska river, all with the beauty of forested trails.

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Learn more about our Technicality Rating System to find out what is a Green/Blue/Orange and Black trail.