The Renfrew County ATV Club is run exclusively by volunteers who dedicate their time maintaining and expanding our trails to ensure you have a memorable riding experiance. We would love to have you join our volunteer team and are always on the lookout for enthusiastic people who like to ride and to spend some time with like-minded individuals. Whatever your time availability, likes or experiences are, we are sure there is some position you would enjoy as part of Team RCATV! A simple email to your local Director or the Volunteer & Membership Director and "bam!" you're an RCATV Volunteer! Welcome aboard!

Board Vacancies

Director & Membership Coordinator

Membership is a key position within the Board and riders.  The Membership Coordinator overseas the processing of membership and trail passes, but also works with volunteers and other board members to look at Member Benefits and Services. An ideal candidate would:

  • have the time and ability to oversea trail pass volunteers 
  • have some organization aptitudes. 
  • liaison with OFATV regarding passes
  • be a member of the Board of Directors and believe in the vision of RCATV

Director & Trails Coordinator

Trail development and maintenance is a primary focus of RCATV. The Trails Coordinator maintains the trails inventory and participates in trail development and trails maintenance priorities.  The Trails Coordinator works closely with the Executive and Directors for trail development, with the Trail Maintenance Coordinator for annual maintenance and is a key communicator with visiting and local ATV enthusiasts. An ideal candidate would:

  • have a high interest in the trail system
  • have time and ability to chair the Trails Team Committee
  • work with the committee to develop and prioritize new trail systems and coordinate trail maintenance
  • liaison with our trail partners (MNRF, Renfrew County Forestry, Algonquin Trail Management Committee, multi-use trail partners and land-owners)
  • be a member of the Board of Directors and believe in the vision of RCATV

Area Directors

As members of the Board, Area Directors represent their region within Renfrew County and are a key point of contact for ATV visitors, local ATV enthusiasts, local business and municipal councils for their area.  They engage local volunteers and members and review the trail needs of their areas. An ideal candidate would:

  • have a high interest in the trail system in their area
  • encourage and engage local volunteers, welcome new members and be an ambassador for RCATV in their area
  • inform the Trails Coordinator and Trail Maintenance Coordinator of development and trail needs
  • maintain a relationship with local businesses, municipal trails or recreation staff and committees
  • support and promote RCATV events in their area
  • be a member of the Trails Committee
  • be a member of the Board of Directors and believe in the vision of RCATV

We are looking for Directors for the following areas:

  • Killaloe Hagarty Richards
  • South Algonquin
  • Bonnechere Valley


Looking for volunteers hours and prefer the outdoors? Let's team up; we need help on our trails, be out on the trails get your hours and support the trail system!! email

Here are the types of duties we look to our volunteers for:

  • trail maintenance and signing
  • grant application writing  
  • event planning committee volunteers (admin, BBQ support, greeting at events, planning and followup, getting posters out, etc.)
  • membership committee volunteers (admin, selling passes, recruiting initiatives, volunteer appreciation, etc.)
  • media planning committee volunteers (website updates, graphic work, newspaper articles, event submissions on facebook, outreach like Showcase and other tourism and recreation tradeshows)
  • trail patrol members


Interested in Trail Maintenance? Watch our Facebook Page for inpromptu maintenance and signing days in each area, join our closed virtual Trail Maintenance Committee and Discussion Room on Facebook or contact the local Area Director so they can keep you up to date.  Every time you are on the trail, identify yourself as a volunteer with RCATV and help be an ambassador for the club and the trail.

If you are heading out on your own to do trail maintenance here is what we suggest:

  1. Don't go alone!  There is safety in numbers and trail maintenance has its risks. Let us know and we will post on Facebook if you are looking for others to join you.
  2. Consider taking: chain saw, hatchet or limber, garbage bag, shovel, hazard marking tape, drill and screws.
  3. We can provide: area signs, gps tracks, a volunteer vest, RCATV maps
  4. Provide feedback: trail maintenance reports can be completed and sent in, send photos, let us know how many hours for tracking purposes.  
  5. visit our trail maintenance page for more details


We have a significant amount of work being done behind the scenes by working committees of Directors, volunteers, members and community or business partners.  If any of these are of interest, contact the Committee Chair.  Your commitment can be flexible with meetings done face-to-face, micro-missions or sub-committees, tele-conference, email and Facebook Room discussions.

Working Committees Chairperson
Executive Committee Teresa Hebb
Trails Maintenance & Development Committee Interim - Teresa Hebb
Events Planning Committee Wendy Biernaskie
Media & Communications Committee Interim - Teresa Hebb
Special Project Leads
Invasive Species & Clean Bike Protocol Greg Tatton