2018 marked the first year that RCATV has published both a full-size trail map and an online trail map.  It has been a learning curve and a lot of volunteer effort, but we hope you are pleased with our work in progress.

  • Download the .pdf scaleable version of our trail map (54MB) available from our DropBox
  • View the web-based RCATV map put together with partnership from Fleming College GIS Students.  Click on the MENU to view parking, hazards, 360 degree photos, lookouts and points of interest.
  • Pick up a trail map at any of our trail pass vendors
  • Welcome Boards will be up throughout our trail system in partnership with the Ontario Highlands Tourism Organization and sponsored by our Corporate Members in the fall 2018.


Our new trail map has "R" with some of our trail numbers to designate which trails are "Routes" so that you can plan to be compliant with MTO regulations if you are riding with a passenger and not on a legal 2-up machine, or have drivers without a "G2" licence.


RCATV Volunteers are working diligently at purchasing and installing new signage throughout the trail system.  While that is being completed, some routes will have sporadic signage, or missing signage.  If you wish be a part of the Trails Team and support the Area Directors who are committing to get the trail system signed this summer/fall, please contact


Below are some of the errors and omissions noticed on the physical paper map after it was printed.  Our goal is to provide you with the most accurate trail maps possible.  If you notice other discrepancies, please contact the Area Director for that trail system. 

  • City of Pembroke:

  • Calabogie Trail System: 

    • route from the southern K&P via Barryvale Rd and Lanark Rd to northern K&P is Route 80R
    • Route 41R from Dacre to Mount St. Patrick Rd via Flat Rd is Route 81R
    • Route 42R/43R from Flat Rd to the K&P via Mount St. Patrick Rd, English Rd, Whelan Rd, Ashdad Rd is Route 85
  •  Settler's Route:

    • Route 61R from Trail 90 to Round Lake Road is all Route 60R
    • Route 61R is from Cormac to Foymount Rd
    • Route 90R is the full route from Killaloe Trail 90 to Wilno Trail 51 via Mountain View Road
    • Trail 91 is from Mountain View Rd to Mountain View Rd via Stack Road and Stonechurch Rd
  • Pakkotinna Trail System:

    • Trail 106 is being renumbered Trail 107 to avoid duplication with Logger's Loop.  This trail is anticipated for 2019 riding season and currently closed.
  • Opeongo Trail System:

    • Trail 57 (red) does not extend beyond the 55/57 intersection where it shows running parralet to 55
    • Trail 59 is inaccurate.  Trail 57 (green) extends from the B Trail to Trail 59 via the lookout.
    • Trail 59 continues straight and extends from the 57/59 intersection to further east on the B Trail