Renfrew County ATV Club is proud to be a partner and stakeholder on the new Ottawa Valley Recreation Trail (formerly the CP Rail line) through Renfrew County.  We continue to work with our other motorized and non-motorized trail user groups, landowners, and municipalities to help see a successful and respectful multi-use trail system.

This system is important to RCATV and local municipalities and towns.  It will connect smaller trails, and bring tourism dollars generated by the ATV Community into areas of the county which are currently not providing trails.  This trail will also enable local resident ATV enthusiasts to get on the trail closer to home, and head out to enjoy a day on the trails.

 Quick Facts

  • The corridor runs 296 km from Smiths Falls to Mattawa, with 218 km of that cutting through Renfrew County
  • The trail will include 2,447 acres, 296 kms in length, +/‐ 90 feet width, 37 bridges and underpasses
  • Involves the County's of Renfrew, Lanark and the Township of Papineau‐Cameron
  • The cash portion of the purchase is $500,000.
  • The corridor is split into three closings based on ability to produce transferable descriptions starting with the most easterly section. At the same time it is agreed that the Partners will lease the lands while the transfers are proceeding. The lease cost is $10 per year and the corresponding municipal taxes, pending the completion of the phases.

RCATV Considerations

  • The entire trail remain a safe multi-use and shared-user corridor from top to bottom which will bring the best benefit to both the County and its residents and businesses and encourage tourism
    • minimizes the risks and incidents of misinformed ATV users from trespassing or riding off-trail when trying to get from one location to another
    • minimizes the physical risks of ATV enthusiasts having to use roadways and tourists getting lost trying to get from one trail system to another or turned around on crown land.
  • The entire trail is safely accessible to motorized vehicles
    • RCATV can enhance promotion of the trail and tourism through its existing ATV networks and social media
    • combined with the RCATV East-West main trail corridor - B Trail (RCATV leased CN rail line - passes required), it will enable local and visiting ATV enthusiasts to access trails across the County
    • brings ATV-related local and tourism dollars into parts of the County which are currently not benefitting from the ATV Tourism industry due to lack of trails, and not being connected to a main trail thoroughfare
    • enable RCATV to bring large guided ATV events into new regions, and spread the tourism dollars
  • Renfrew County ATV, Eastern Ontario Trail Alliance (EOTA) trail passes (and reciprically Ontario Federation of ATV's - OFATV) be required by all ATV/UTV users on the trail
    • helps to ensure ATV's are plated and meet MTO ORV Safety Standards for ATV use, and that users are insured
    • provides maintenance funds via user-pay trail passes to help sustain the trails
    • RCATV can leverage other funds from EOTA, Ontario Trails Council, OFSC for increased maintenance dollars
  • RCATV can provide trained Trail Wardens to act as ambassadors on the trail, spot and report hazards, welcome tourists and act as trail guides/navigators, provide trail maps, encourage safe trail use, enforce trail pass requirements, report unsafe/illegal practices such as trespassing and riding under the influence
  • RCATV becomes a strong partner with the OVRT and can contribute in areas of consistent signing, suitable gating, amenities along the trail (outhouses) and safe-use considerations to provide fluid and consistent trail marking across RCATV and Ontario trails

Review our full feedback submission to Renfrew County.

If you have any questions about how ATV's can safely share the trail or how you can support ATV and economic interests in your municipality contact RCATV President at