Thank you for your patience while we purchase and install a new trail signing system across our entire trail system. Any questions about the trail system can be directed to

The minutes of the January 11, 2018 Trails Committee meeting provide a summary of the Committee's decision on how to incorporate the new trails established by 4 new MOU's, development of Trail Systems and Trail Routes, signage, and maintenance.

  • Trail Systems: are self-contained trail networks that include bush and forested trails, unmaintained or unopened trail allowances.
  • Trail Routes: are routes or roads of mixed paved, dirt, unmaintained roads that will connect the systems together and allow riders to enjoy various systems without having to trailer.  This will also connect us to other ATV club trails and county trails.

Click here for the download of our 54MB Trail Map, or visit our interim online map.  Once this site moves to its new location and new website, we will have an interactive online map available.

Unfortunately for our budget, but fortunate for riders, a number of factors are leading RCATV to revisit the entire trail system and numbering which was largely inherited from our snowmobile roots.  In 2018 riding season, you will start to changes in the system naming and signage.

Here's why the change:

  • we haven't engineered a way yet for ATV's to cross open water, which means the ATV trail system had duplication in numbers where the snowmobile trails are chopped up where it crossed bodies of water. ie there were four 102 trails.
  • trails were very long which makes it difficult for search & rescue requirements, or for EMS response
  • we had a significant number of new trail systems and trail routes to incorporate
  • we wanted a system to designate trail technicality, so you will start to see stickers on signs and colour coding on maps to represent riding abilities. Green - beginner, Blue - intermediate, Red - advanced, Black - expert.
  • we wanted to differentiate between a trail and a route so that riders knew when planning their ride, if they would need to abide by MTO legislation.  You will see an R designated on maps where the trail is a roads/routes.
  • we are moving to a 2-digit numbering system to help riders differentiate between an ATV or a snowcountry trail.  We are trying to stay as consistent as possible, ie in Barry's Bay, the 159 snowmobile trail will eventually be named the 59 atv trail