TRAIL HAZARD: Please be aware that RCATV is in the process of re-signing our entire trail system with a new ATV-specific and technicality rating trails.  We can't wait to showcase the new signing.  In the meantime however, this means that some of our trail signs will not yet match the map.  We apologize for the delay and thank you for your patience.  With such an expansive trail system, it will take us some time to resign the entire system with volunteers.

Visit our Trail Hazards and Closures page for updates.

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NEW!! Favourite our RCATV web-based map now available online from our website:
f you are a member living outside of Renfrew County and looking for ways to help, keeping our map up to date is a great way to help from wherever you live! Email if interested in finding out more.

Video Blogger Kyle Manville:

Ride for Carl: Part One

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Explore a 750 kilometre network of trails built on a foundation of abandoned rail lines and forest access roads. This adventurous route winds its way across the countryside passing through numerous rural communities that provide riders with convenient access to a wide variety of supplies, services and accommodations.

Located in the Ottawa Valley/Eastern Ontario, the natural beauty of these lands is unsurpassed. Our trail systems cuts through muddy wetlands, shaded forests, shimmering lakes with the best that Renfrew County has to offer.

Thank you to our vendor partner businesses.  Trail Passes are available in Renfrew, Calabogie, Eganville, Golden Lake, Pikwakanagan, Killaloe, Wilno, Barry's Bay, Madawaska, Pembroke, Petawawa, Deep River.

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